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Our Algorithm Hub

Welcome to the future of healthcare analytics

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Converging at the crossroads of medicine, biology, and economics, CognitiveCare's advanced algorithms intricately explore the nuances of diseases, their progression, and the potential to drive advancements in pharma and life sciences. Developed by experts with deep interdisciplinary domain knowledge, these algorithms are trained and validated with real-world data for identifying risk early and precise progression quantification, offering actionable insights on health and economic outcomes. Distinguished by developing proprietary models in open-source technology stacks and employing a human-in-the-loop approach, we enable efficient recalibration and streamlined implementation with new datasets, leading to substantial reductions in modeling time and costs for our clients.

The illustrated building blocks and applications below are a sample of how we empower customers to scale, customize, and expedite time-to-market at reduced costs.

Unlocking new possibilities

Scalable Building Blocks

Scalable Building Blocks

Our algorithms feature innovative data enrichment and a value-add framework, ensuring seamless integration, organization, and analysis of healthcare data for ML modeling and downstream usage. 

DEAL framework comprises of highly curated data and feature engineering methodologies, best practices, tools, and accelerators enabling granular insights for informed decision-making. 

Data Enrichment – DEAL framework  

​We provide clear and comprehensive explanations for risk predictions, fostering trust and collaboration between AI and healthcare providers for more informed decision-making

Explainable AI

Our algorithms use historical data and predictive analytics to estimate healthcare costs for various health scenarios, improving cost and budget management, and resource allocation for healthcare organizations. 

Economic Impact Estimation

Our algorithms provide population-level insights, identifying trends, common risk factors, and health disparities. This helps public health officials and policymakers develop targeted interventions for disadvantaged communities. 

Finding High Risk Populations 


Patented Maternal Infant Health Insights and Cognitive intelligence (“MIHIC”) Score® (U.S. Patent No 11,854,706 B2) algorithms identifies propensity for critical and adverse outcomes during antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum stages of pregnancy at individual and population levels, empowering providers with actionable insights to support hyper-personalized proactive interventions. 


Our pathology algorithms enhance diagnostic accuracy by assessing various conditions impacting the Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lungs, Ortho, and Diabetes. They offer a comprehensive health view, empowering patients with knowledge for healthier lives through prevention and control of chronic conditions. 

Pathology Suite

Our algorithms use single and multi-encounter data to predict eye disease risks, severity, and progression in preterm infants, children, and adults.  This enables timely intervention to flatten the progression curve and help achieve the goal of eradicating blindness. 

Myopia and RoP

Our innovative algorithm suite includes deep learning-based models for predicting sepsis outcomes and improving early treatment in vulnerable populations, reducing sepsis fatalities. 

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