We are a diverse team of skilled individuals from the field of Medical Science, C-Suite board members, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Marketing.

Fundamental to our approach is our deep passion and examination of science. We work very hard to put mathematics, statistics, quantum mechanics, and various flavors of Artificial Intelligence behind medicine, biology, commerce to understand very granular patterns. In doing so, we help uncover answers that can deeply impact various areas of healthcare research, practice, and administration.

The Following are some questions that we debated before building MIHIC, NPHIC, and PADIC!

  • Could we help women plan their motherhoods better by detecting possible maternal risks before they plan to become pregnant?
  • To what extent do social and lifestyle determinants impact the risk of prolonged labor and C-Sections?
  • How to monitor the impact of interventions in impacting the disease risk?
  • How to quantify a neuropsychiatric disorder?
  • How to assess the impact of lifestyle choices on renal failures?
  • How to quantify the side-effects of a specific drug?

Our journey will be constant experimentation and learning. The solutions we build touch lives and offer us pure joy and purpose.

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