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Health Equity

Unveiling and addressing health disparities with scientific rigor to improve access, align resources, foster engagement, and enhance public policy.

Care Management

Quantum leaps in health: Patented and proprietary solutions for quantifying and explaining risk at individual and population levels.

Health Economics

Revolutionizing health economics outcomes research with interdisciplinary collaboration and real-world evidence expertise for payers, providers, pharma, and policymakers

Pharma and Life Sciences

Decoding value and catalyzing innovation in pharma and life sciences to optimize efficacy.  


We improve health outcomes

Pioneering, Patented, Published, and Proven.


Impact Stories 

Transformative initiatives for maternal and infant well-being in Sub-Saharan Africa

Charting a course to prevent blindness and myopia in infants and children

Predicting survival in suspected sepsis cases

Transforming metabolic wellness through innovative pharmacoeconomics

Recent Posts

From suffering multiple miscarriages to leading efforts in reducing maternal and infant mortality in LMI countries, read about the fascinating journey of Sheena Gill. 

Yourstory article on CognitiveCare

In this groundbreaking episode of Early Detect Studios, we’re delighted to feature Brittany Gerald-Lewis, a national leader in clinical trial diversity and inclusion. Brittany brings 15 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge on advancing global clinical trial diversity programs.

Bridging Gaps in Clinical Trials: Ft. Brittany Gerald-Lewis | Early Detect Studios Episode 14

In this episode, we explore Mr. Richard's successful tenure as North Carolina's Deputy Secretary for Medicaid. His innovative and cost-effective strategies have significantly improved the lives of over two million beneficiaries.

Transforming Medicaid: Dave Richard's Visionary Leadership | Early Detect Studios Episode 13

L V Prasad Eye Institute and CognitiveCare are partnering to enhance the early detection of eye diseases in infants and children by their combined expertise in eye health and AI technology.

LVPEI and CognitiveCare collaborate

Our Partners

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