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Strategic Consulting Services (SCS)

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Our work at the intersection of AI, medicine, biology and public health offers us a unique vantage point to help address some of the most pressing issues confronting the healthcare industry globally. As healthcare embraces digital and data transformations aggressively, CognitiveCare's SCS can help enterprises and Governments with Digital and data strategy and their successful implementation. A representative sample of our work includes:

  • Determining the optimal treatment for Multiple Myeloma patients using lifestyle and generic data.
  • Predicting early signs of NASH; Chronic versus Acute renal failures.
  • Predicting COVID infections, recoveries and deaths for one of the states in India.

We assist our customers with:

  • AI/ML Strategy and road-map to deliver comprehensive business value with specific milestones for measuring business value (for example: how AI and ML can help detect potential defects in devices and diagnostics business early).
  • Strategy and road-map to help deliver precise, actionable insights for action (for example: how can a State Government or a National Government detect specific segments of the population with high propensity of a certain disease or a certain outcome).
  • Quick Delivery of Proof of Concepts and Proof Of Value (for example, how to get the key stakeholders buy-in AI driven transformations with quick POCs and POVs).
  • AI/ML model building (development) and implementation (for example, develop the AI/ML and Analytics models to help determine which patient populations may have higher chance for potential side-effects of a particular drug).

For discussing new ideas and opportunities on how to put AI and advanced analytics behind your data for better insights and outcomes, Drop us a line at

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