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Who we Empower

Our solutions are designed to help multiple stakeholders in healthcare improve outcomes, enhance value, and promote equity. We bring return and impact on investment for our clients, one project at a time.

Trends in Maternal and Infant Mortality


We empower providers with comprehensive insights about risks, analyzing vast amounts of longitudinal EHR, device, and social determinants data to support efficient and effective case management through hyper-personalization of care. Our work dually supports the reduction of physician burden while increasing patient satisfaction.

In Value Based Care environments we catalyze your ability to proactively quantify risks and parse data (down to the provider level) throughout the episode of care to improve outcomes in blended pricing and shared savings models. We support you in achieving increased shared savings, detecting preventable/non-reimbursable interventions, and improving ratings.

CognitiveCare's Solution for Pathology Industry


We assist payers with predicting costs and identifying patients with elevated risk, enabling our clients to manage high utilizers, drive interventions, improve outcomes, and reduce costs. We support payer organizations in delivering far superior member experience, enhancing your ability to achieve enhanced cohort development while making care more accessible, affordable, personalized, and whole-person oriented.

We further empower our customers to improve population health outcomes, quality metrics, and bridge gaps in health equity. Our population health dashboards provide comprehensive (clinical and social) insights on segments with disproportionately higher risk.

Sepsis, the leading cause of hospital deaths in the USA

Biotech and Pharma Companies:

We offer a comprehensive range of services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, focusing on cutting-edge research and analysis in the field of drug and vaccine development. Our approach involves leveraging a combination of clinical trial data and real-world healthcare information to provide crucial insights into the relative effectiveness of these treatments in diverse patient populations. Our commitment extends to sourcing and incorporating a wide array of patient and population-level healthcare data, including clinical, medical, claims, and social determinants data.

Additionally, we are equipped to address potential data limitations through various advanced statistical techniques, such as propensity score matching, inverse probability weighting, and sensitivity analysis. Our analysis provides detailed insights, including efficacy and safety assessments across different subgroups, facilitating informed decisions in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.