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Trends in Maternal and Infant Mortality
Maternal & Infant Health Crisis

Global maternal mortality is an unacceptably high 810 deaths per day, primarily from preventable or treatable causes – World Health Organization

We are facing a global maternal and infant health crisis, and a significant portion of these adverse events can be prevented by early detection of risks and intervention. Detecting patterns early by using AI and advanced computational sciences is key to transforming sick care into proactive care.

What is MIHIC
MIHIC Score® Platform

CognitiveCare’s Maternal & Infant Health Insights and Cognitive Intelligence “MIHIC” solution takes heterogeneous patient-level data such as clinical, medical, socioeconomic factors, family history, genetics, and EHR data and applies advanced math, statistics, and AI techniques to predict risk scores.

The platform calculates the overall risk score, stratifies into low, medium, or high risk, and outputs the risk progression timeline. These risk scores are updated in real-time and are powered with explainable AI. Healthcare constituents receive the in-depth rationale behind each risk score. MIHIC’s what-if analysis empowers healthcare stakeholders to assess the impact of clinical and behavioral interventions, while its alert system provides notifications across care teams for effective risk management.

Our solution also provides Population Health Insights that enable policymakers and public health officials to obtain real time key health indicators, including disproportionate impacts on particular communities or segments of society.