• CognitiveCare's (MIHIC) is the
    world's first healthcare
    analytics platform designed to
    detect and predict Maternal
    and Infant health risk scores
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Why is MIHIC a must-have maternal and infant healthcare solution ?

MIHIC for Providers
Are you a Doctor or a Hospital looking for an efficient maternal and infant healthcare solution ?
MIHIC score™ helps you to:

  • Identify high risk mothers for triage and targeted interventions.
  • Get deep granular insights about mothers and infants for healthier patient outcomes.
  • Detect false positives and non-reimbursable expenses during pregnancy.

MIHIC for Payers
Are you a Health Insurance company looking to save on claims related to avoidable health risks ?
MIHIC score™ helps you to:

  • Stratify pregnant mothers by risk.
  • Detect and prevent avoidable medical interventions.
  • Get detailed cost estimation of pregnancy for a mother.

MIHIC for Pregnant Mothers
Are you concerned about your trimesters? Or are you someone planning to be a mother soon ?
MIHIC score™ helps you to:

  • Have healthy and risk-free pregnancy.
  • Have timely interventions to avoid/reduce potential risks.
  • Detect and avoid preventable surgical and medical outcomes (C-sections, prolonged labor, postpartum hemorrhage, HAIs...)

MIHIC for Pharmaceuticals
Do you want to jump-start your research in Maternal-Infant Healthcare ?
MIHIC score™ helps you to:
  • Reduce time and cost to understand the genesis of maternal and infant health risks.
  • Understand the population trends in maternal and infant health.
  • Early detect patient safety issues, during drug/clinical trials.

To know more in detail, drop us an email to connect@cognitivecare.com

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