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Proactive Care. Improved Outcomes.

Meet CognitiveCare - We are transforming sick care into health care by detecting and quantifying risks early.

Who are we?

We are an interdisciplinary team of Physician Innovators, Surgeons, Data Scientists, Engineers, Biologists, Geneticists, Public Health Executives, C-Suite board members, and Lawyers.

Collectively, we are innovators, fascinated by science in all its manifestations. Core to our mission is the belief that digitally enabled health services powered by deep science applications can help to close care gaps. We believe early risk detection is key to improving outcomes, enhancing value, and promoting equity. Our voyage began with a vision to eradicate maternal and infant mortality and morbidity by putting AI behind medicine, biology, and social determinants of health.

How can CognitiveCare help you?

Maternal and Infant Health

As part of CognitiveCare’s patent-pending AI platform, we have built Maternal & Infant Health Intelligence & Cognitive insights, or MIHIC. Our MIHIC Score® Platform quantifies an individual’s propensity for critical adverse outcomes during antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum stages. MIHIC incorporates granular insights and patterns that interplay with clinical and social determinants of health to help detect and quantify risks at the individual and population level.

Insights: Press and Perspectives

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