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Early Detect AI Platform

Hyper-Personalize Care | Forecast Cost of Care | Accelerate VBC | Improve Outcomes

Early Detect platform is the foundation of our work

The Early Detect Platform can ingest heterogeneous patient-level data such as clinical, medical, socioeconomic factors, family history, genetics, images and EHR data, and applies advanced math, statistics, and AI techniques to predict the risk scores.  The top features of our AI platform are: Risk Stratify, Explainable AI, What-If Analysis, Cost Care Estimator, and Population Insight

Early Detect Platform of CognitiveCare
Hyper-Personalization of Care
Hyper-Personalize Care

We facilitate a deeper 360-degree view of the patient, enabling healthcare stakeholders to implement more hyper-personalized journeys and advanced cohort development for effective case management.

Forecast Cost of Care
Forecast Cost of Care

We enable forecasting of projected costs of care and length of hospitalization to help healthcare stakeholders optimize resources most effectively while delivering quality care.

Improved Outcomes
Improved Outcomes

We put AI & ML at the intersection of medicine, biology, and healthcare economics to support the prevention of adverse events, enhance quality of care, and improve patient satisfaction.

Value Based Care
Value Based Care

We are the foundational predictive platform fully aligned to scale VBC and drive health homeward. Our insights help achieve value by identifying high risk populations early, where to most efficiently allocate resources to improve outcomes, and cost-improvement opportunities in key areas.