Our birth and Journey

We are a team of innovators, fascinated by Science in all of its manifestations. We strongly believe that every problem – from delivering personalized medicine to disease alleviation – can be uncovered using deep science applications……

Our Founders’ lives could not be more different. They had nothing in common when they met. One of them lived in medicine and biology (Dr. Suresh) while the other (PV) was agnostic towards biological sciences as a student. And yet, they were brought together by a common friend to collaborate for a cancer fundraiser and the rest as they say, is history....

This work brought us recognition amongst the world’s leading surgeons and practitioners who became our collaborators...

We are guided by 7 principles that our Founders wrote as a team charter when they started CognitiveCare:

  • Do purposeful work at the cutting-edge of innovation and change.
  • Become better every day.
  • Be a student until you go to your grave.
  • Never look for your mirror-image, embrace differences.
  • No success – none whatsoever -- is worth compromising on truth and personal integrity.
  • Let bad news travel on escalators while good news can take the stairs.
  • Enrich your community in every way you can.
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