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CognitiveCare’s COVID-19 Suite of Tools enables providers and payers to:

  • Identify high-risk COVID-19 patients for early intervention, ICU admissions, triage, and notably infection to medical staff serving COVID-19 patients. Our models take into account biomarkers, lab reports, radiology data, demographics and medical history to predict the probability of a patient becoming critically ill, associated ICU requirements, and mortality.
  • Help determine how to optimize hospital care and resources for critically ill patients. Knowing how to apportion hospital staff and time during the global pandemic is a monumental task. Our solution helps you to estimate utilization to protect staff and ensure optimal care for patients.
  • Take Social Determinants into account when evaluating COVID-19 risks and trends. Social determinants have historically impacted individual and community health outcomes, and COVID-19 is no different. Many commonly available COVID-19 models do not take into account social determinants of health that may make certain communities or populations more prone to increased adverse impact from COVID-19. Our suite of tools can supplement existing models, or create entirely new models to evaluate risk taking into account these inequities.
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