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I am still growing in the womb. Predicted to be born on July 1 2018

    DDriven by our calling to detect diseases early:

    We are a passionate bunch of problem solvers trying to solve some of the biggest and the most complex problems of healthcare. We feel, diseases don’t occur in isolation…they offer signals long before the symptoms become evident. Our focus is to dig deeper to the cells and genes to understand the diseases and their evolution. Such granular insights will help us to understand: the evolution of diseases; how they are inter-connected and the unique behavior of genes that can explain unique genetic pre-dispositions towards therapies and drugs.

    We use advanced computational sciences, namely, AI and deep learning to analyze massive volumes of data (of all kinds – medical records, notes, conversations, images, claims, surveys, drug research, drug usage) to derive insights that can empower the doctors, payers, drug makers and public health professionals to intervene and manage the lives of citizens more effectively.
    We go to market with the disease detection and networked models, organized both by diseases and by organs, with the artifacts to deliver insights seamlessly across all touch-points. Our customers can deploy these models within weeks.

    We are headquartered in the bay area with a global foot-print of research and engineering centers.

    CCognitiveCare LLC

    : +1 703 334 1249
    : 1313 N Milpitas Blvd #156, Milpitas CA, 95305